Filling Out the Entry Form
This short tutorial will help you in filling out your first entry form. Just move the cursor over the name of the area of interest and the pop-up will tell you all you need to know to correctly enter the required information.
Front of Entry Form
Top of Form
Dog Show Class
Class Divisions
Additional Classes
Obedience Class
Rally Class
Jr Show Class
Jr Handler Name
Jr Handler Number
Full Name of Dog
AKC Reg Number
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Sire of Entry
Dam of Entry
Owner Information
Agent's Name
Telephone Number
e-Mail Address
To Back of Entry Form
Click HERE to download a Blank Entry form in PDF format that you can print and use to enter any AKC show.

If the breed has Varieties, designate the variety you are entering:
Cocker Spaniels (Black, ASCOB or Parti-color)
Beagles (13" or 15")
Dachshunds (Longhaired, Smooth or Wirehaired)
Collies (Rough or Smooth)
Bull Terriers (Colored or White)
Manchester Terriers (Standard or Toy)
Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat or Long Coat)
English Toy Spaniels (KC & Ruby or Blenheim & PC)
Poodles (Standard, Miniature or Toy)

Enter the sex (Male or Female) of the dog in this box
Enter the AKC Breed in this box
Enter the Name of the Event giving Club and the Date of the Event in this box
Enter the Dog Show class (for conformation entry) here. The Classes are: Puppy; 12-18 months; Novice; Bred-by-Exhibitor; American-bred; Open; or Best of Breed. Check the Premium List for the offered classes. There may be classes offered in addition to these.
Enter any Additional Classes you wish to enter, such as, Sweepstakes, Stud Dog, an additional Obedience class, etc.
If the class you are entering is divided (consult Premium List for divisions, if any), enter the particular division here: i.e., color, age or weight, etc.
Enter the Obedience Class in this box. The regular classes are Novice A and B, Open A and B, and Utility A or B. Consult the Premium List for additional classes.
Enter the Rally Class in this box: Rally Novice A or B; Rally Advanced A or B; Rally Excellent A or B. The dog's jump height should be included.
Enter the Junior Handler's AKC Number in this box. This number must also be entered on the reverse of the Entry Blank. Instructions for obtaining a Junior Handler number are also on the reverse.
Enter the Junior Showmanship Class in this box. The next two boxes, and the information on the reverse side if the Entry Blank must also be completed. The classes are: Novice Junior, Intermediate or Senior, and Open Junior, Intermediate or Senior. Consult Premium List for class requirements.
Enter the name of the Junior Handler in this box.
Check the appropriate box of the dog's place of birth
Enter the name of the Dam of the dog. Include only AKC titles.
Enter the Name of the owner's Agent, if any, on this line.
Enter the name of the Sire of the dog. Include only AKC titles.
Enter thr name(s) of the dog's breeder(s). If the breeder(s) are identical to the ownership, simply enter "OWNERS"
Enter the Name(s) of the Owner(s) on the first line in this box. Below that, enter the address to which you would like the receipt of entry and Judgng Schedule mailed.
Enter the Full Name of the dog in this box. Include only AKC titles.
Check the appropriate box and enter the registration number in this box. If the dog has foreign registration, include the country of registration. Check the rules for entry of foreign dogs.
Enter the dog's Date of Birth in this box
The Owner ot Agent MUST sign the Entry Form here.
Enter the telephone number of the owner or agent in case of questions with the entry
Enter your e-mail address (entering one character in each box of the entry line). Some superintendents will acknowledge the entry by email.